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Yoga’s astrology report:-

In birth chart, there are yoga’s and dosha too. Yoga’s in general term is defined as good planetary combinations that leads to growth of an individual so that it can lead happy life where as dosas are reversed. Dosa leads to obstructions in one life and it is tough for individual to grow without pariharam of specific dosa.

We must had noticed that certain individuals without doing any extra hard work succeeded in life and they amass huge wealth in there life time where as others work hard day and night and still they do not get rewarded properly and they had to cut short there budgets . In this way one thinks why this discrepancies are there despite hard work.

Well, coming to Astrology point of view, there may be numerous auspicious combinations of planets that lead to one growth without hurdles. This auspicious combinations can be termed as Yoga’s in Vedic Astrology. Some of the yoga’s in astrology are:-

Raj yoga, Gajkesari yoga, Budhaditya yoga, Sashasya yoga, Hamsa yoga, Ruchak yoga, Chandra yoga etc.

This yoga’s without any obstructions lead to Health, Wealth, Name and Fame.

But one thing to be noted in yoga’s is that yoga may be presented in various charts but its effects may not be visible to all as even slight malefic aspect can ruin that yoga that is sole reason that in spite of yoga present in chart, fructification of results does not happen,.

Yoga’s in chart is formed by Ascendant, from Moon sign or by conjunction of planet in particular house.

Yoga astrology report will cover the following:-

Yoga’s that are forming in birth chart. Strength of yoga’s forming in birth kundali. Fructification or timing of Yoga’s formed. You can order at:-

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